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Interview with Agnes Martin

Started by droqen, October 13, 2021, 07:36:58 AM

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QuoteWhat's the happiest moment when you're painting? *laughs* When they go out the door.
They go out into the world. And when they go out the door I don't take any further responsibility.
Artists paint 'em, the dealers sell 'em, and the collectors look after 'em.
Born to do it : )
*asks the interviewer* You think you're doing what you were born to do?


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Quote from: 6:44I used to meditate until I stopped thinking. Now I stopped thinking, don't think many things. You know, before you train yourself to stop thinking, it's just all kinds of stuff going through your mind. Not anymore. Nothing goes through my mind : )

I don't [believe? read?] what the intellectuals put out. The intellectuals, they, they discover one fact and another fact and another fact, and they say, from all these facts, we can deduce so-and-so. *shakes head* Not good. That's just a bad guess! Nothing of it could come but inaccuracy. Never will we learn the truth about life.

So I had a hard time giving up some of them. But I've managed to... evolution. I gave up the idea of evolution. All of them. I gave up all of the theories. Even the atomic theory. And then I don't have any ideas myself, and I don't believe anybody else's, so that leaves me a clear mind. *laughs*

Gosh, yes, I'm an empty mind, so when something comes into it, you can see it!


Quote from: 2:52All art is music, that way. Not intellectual at all. And still, we have like five magazines that come on a month of people talking about art, and there's nothing you can say!

Quote from: 3:20I guess I'm rather extreme. I think we don't deserve any credit. I think the inspiration comes to you, tells you exactly what to do, even when you're painting, tells you every brushstroke.

I do take the blame though *amused* No credit, you'd think no blame, but...

You get shaken between the inspiration and the finished product, and you have to take the blame for that.

Quote from: 4:08And you can't think about beating the rest of them, or something like that, when you're painting, because you have to keep a clear picture in your mind. The only thing you can think about painting is that you want the painting. And see, we get everything we want, so you have to keep in mind. And, you want it to appeal to other people. [4:44] That's all I think when I'm painting. Don't let any other thoughts... and the worst thing you can think about when you're working at anything is yourself. You start thinking about yourself it stands right in the middle, in front of you. You make mistakes.