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Started by droqen, December 15, 2021, 10:52:03 PM

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If I'm watching a show that never describes a certain aspect of a relationship (for example), it creates a blank space that is never resolved. But done well, done in a way that I like, the blank space feels at once concrete and yet also infinite. Does that make sense? Fuck, I sure hope it makes sense.

Leaving an unanswered question for me to imagine the answer to...

It's not valuable because I answer it, but it's also not valuable because I never answer it. It's valuable because I can answer it anytime I like, and then any other time I can answer it differently or not at all. I'm free, but inspired. My brain can flicker and flutter in a cavern of just the right size.

In A Pattern Language, Pattern 106 is Positive Outdoor Space.

QuoteIf you look at the plan of an environment where outdoor spaces are negative, you see the buildings as figure, and the outdoor space as ground. There is no reversal. It is impossible to see the outdoor space as figure, and the buildings as ground.

If you look at the plan of an environment where outdoor spaces are positive, you may see the buildings as figure, and outdoor spaces as ground -- and, you may also see the ourdoor spaces as figure against the ground of the buildings. The plans have figure-ground reversal.

The imaginary space should feel the same way. The imagination reacts to empty non-concrete space in the exact same way to 'outdoor space' as it does to the conceptual 'outdoor space' of a narrative, the space outside the explicit. It should feel like positive outdoor space.


The goal -
High freedom and impact
Low responsibility


Mer says it's like a "frame inside which you can be free." I agree.