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[game idea, dreamt] mrs. iz

Started by droqen, February 10, 2022, 03:17:37 AM

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"Mrs. Iz. Mrs. Iz. You are making a big mistake."

Seen from a first person perspective.

There is a scared character, Mrs. Iz, who is sort of a companion who tries to get you not to investigate certain things in the castle...

There is this weird little grey creature who tries to unsuccessfully do something, who can be picked up and used?

There is an alien who basically seems to ignore you - but if you trigger certain events suddenly becomes a terrifying opponent, who hunts you down mercilessly.

Its behaviours...
- finds the grey thing and resets it
- repairs aspects of the level, using the grey thing?
- in the beginning, the scared character tries to get you away from a CCTV viewer, to reset it or something, "he's coming."
- something announces the alien's voice: "Mrs. Iz. Mrs. Iz. You are making a big mistake." it has a weird buzzy, deliberate voice.
- the CCTV viewer can show weird catacombs under the castle? the alien is doing something bad?
- if you see this and are caught, the alien hunts you down. eliminates you.


if you have not seen the actual footage, the alien does something different, less drastic. it doesn't want to make trouble for itself, recognizes you are somewhat of a force to be reckoned with.

post-waking ideas!

the alien has gear in the castle that you can sabotage, and a schedule you can learn or influence in order to get things done.


Lots of stairs inside the castle.
 The outside can be ascended, also.