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Because I need a place to organize my thoughts.

Started by droqen, September 19, 2021, 07:28:31 PM

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Though I cannot put forth a logical argument as to why it is helpful for me to have a place to organize my thoughts (especially publicly), I do have a track record of needing such an outlet.

- twitter
- i started some private discord servers (2 active, 1 semi-active)
- letterclub.games📨
- physical notebooks (i've thrown away so many physical notebooks)
- physical zine: 'droqen was here' (for friends and patrons (link removed))
- digital notebook on tablet (Noteshelf 2)
- devlogs on discord servers
- devlogs on forums
- mailing list
- nice long conversational walks with friends and acquaintances
- many blog posts across many blogs over the years

Some of these have been more successful for my brain than others. I think a forum might be an extremely helpful outlet. Why? I answer that question here.