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Because I just love forums.

Started by droqen, September 19, 2021, 07:21:54 PM

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Look, straight up, I just love forums. I grew up on the TIGSource Forums and also there was a secret forum that had a very special place in my heart (though it is now ded). Other forums exist, but a lot of them have tags and a weird new feed-like look. I am not here for that. I just want an old-fashioned forum like I'm used to, with posts and boards and things like that. I'm old.

Some features that forums have that I love

- Adding things after the fact is simple/intuitive/part of the medium

- Hyperlinking, images, other post customization (compare to most social media, where many things are out of your control)

- I can host it on my own server and access it from any device

- Access can be shared with others easily (with powerful controls for customizing the level and detail of control)