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Ideas are vessels for Feeling

Started by droqen, January 27, 2023, 08:50:02 AM

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Originally 'Ideas' was a top-level board, until reading Deep Feeling. It became almost immediately obvious to me that the value of game ideas was not as descriptions of form but as descriptions of feeling. Vessels for feeling. That is, almost nothing about the game idea's form is sacred: not mechanics, not technology, nothing.

I have always been interested in hearing game ideas, and interested in having them. Icebergvanias, Reverse Metroidvanias, all kinds of wonderful high-concept... er, concepts. Slowly over years I came to feel more and more negatively about them because of how easy it is to describe impossible design fictions.

Today I was thinking I'd like to work on something, something, something. Make something new. Start on something, start thinking about something. So I looked at the Ideas forum for inspiration, and I realized I needed a new forum of a larger shape: the now created, but empty, Vessels & Memories & Deep Feelings board. Ideas then belong inside, as a subcategory.

Ideas are vessels for some deeper feeling.

Games are also vessels for some deeper feeling.

They are all vessels.

~ The Nature of Order, Book Two: Chapter Fourteen: Deep Feeling, linked above