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Ugly feelings (2nd read)

Started by droqen, July 26, 2023, 09:43:39 AM

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~ i read ugly feelings before
i want to read it again, now

Sianne Ngai's "Ugly Feelings"


I was thinking today about the animatedness chapter in Ugly Feelings; I think I will read it and think about it.

My thoughts now take the form: purpose, clarity, agency, purpose, comfort, momentum, rules, procedures, processes, known processes, explicit desires, explicit processes, purpose, explicit purpose, a feeling of free-ness if not utter freedom, a feeling of movement, freedom of movement, direction, purpose.


stop-motion animation that through extra human effort erases the image of human effort, self-animated objects appear not animated by persons, but are in fact extra-animated by persons. are the persons animated by this illusion, by the pursuit of this illusion?

emotional response: being "moved" - this relates to being animated, having or feeling animatedness,

'racialized' subjects as seen only through their penetrative actions, the spiky points on the graph of that which grabs attention
is animatedness related to this efficiently compressed collection of points?
   Genghis Chan: Private Eye - i could find pieces of it but not relate to the form
   The Confidence Man - i have not attempted to read
how does animatedness relate?

being animated, involuntary body movements - a tearful eye, a heaving breast - signals, symbols
also being animated, at a higher level - to overthrow, to enact change

being animated by "hymns and expressions of a vivid and pictorial nature" (racialized, black)


* My note-taking works somewhat better when I do not do it inline, but find appropriate stopping points and reflect back on what I have just read, forming my flowing summary-list, with the content available for me to refer to it as necessary. I must consciously start the note-taking, then consciously stop it. There must therefore not be only a good stopping place, but such a place must also be a good resuming place.

To stop well is to resume well.

Ngai's chapters are so goddamn long and unbroken. Where can I resume well?