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The Trials of Goodbye

Started by droqen, November 15, 2023, 11:08:50 PM

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This is a game that belongs to the question-asking genre that's been on my mind lately, the genre of allowing the player to ask questions, but more importantly the genre of asking the player questions, asking them to judge. That's all this game is: the player is asked to pass judgement.

However, compared to Slay the Princess, I found my 'asking' and 'choosing' abilities to be much less satisfying:

My choices were not my choices, but floodgates. I did not have a mouth... In StP, there was no character who spoke for me after I made my choices. I am comfortable being interpreted or misinterpreted by characters who are not me, but in the case of The Trials of Goodbye, my choices were being interpreted by my avatar and I did not feel as though I could ask the questions I wanted to ask, or give the answers I wanted to give.