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The Curated Closet

Started by droqen, December 05, 2022, 11:31:08 PM

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Anuschka Rees'
The Curated Closet


Quote from: ch1Fad diets, style typologies, and "wardrobe essentials" lists are popular for the same reason: they satisfy a demand for a quick solution and simplify what can feel like a daunting process down to a set of easy-to-follow rules [...] On no page of this book will I tell you what to wear, which pieces to include in your wardrobe, or what kind of top to match with which kind of bottom. What I will do is show you how you can figure all these things out for yourself, how to discover your unique likes and dislikes, and how to combine everything into a functional personal style that's [...] truly your own.

I read this first statement in particular as something akin to 'there is no good game design', which I am very much here for!

"Prescriptive [game genres, design frameworks, and definitions of play] are popular for the same reason: they satisfy a demand for a quick solution and simplify what can feel like a daunting process down to a set of easy-to-follow rules"



Quote from: ch1as it does for most people: once you become more selective about what you keep in your closet, you'll attach a bigger value to each individual piece and will probably no longer be satisfied with cheap, badly manufactured stuff. You'll want clothes that feel good on your skin. Clothes that are study and dura Le and that won't fall apart after a couple of seasons. Clothes that fit the contours of your body well[...]

Is it reasonable to compare this to people's massive overflowing Steam libraries? Collections of unplayed games so vast that their owners never get to them...


Quote from: ch3We all use what's on the outside to make judgements about what's on the inside, subconsciously or not.

I believe it was in Emergence (not 100% sure) that I read about the sense of 'self' emerging from the ability to empathize, to model/picture the internal worlds of others. All we have access to is what's on the outside, and we can only ever imagine the inside.



... confidence levels vary on a day-to-day basis, and so one way to reduce the chance of low confidence distorting your perception of a new piece is to simply complete your style experiment on days when you are already in a good mood. Don't go faux shopping if you're not feeling well, you're stressed, or you're exhausted. Instead, pick a day when you can relax, after you have gotten a good night's sleep ... Make sure you feel good before you hit the shops. An overall positive attitude is going to make it much easier to not let those nagging ... voices get in the way ...

A second way to distinguish between being out of your comfort zone and simply not liking a piece is to trick your confidence center into shutting down ... "if a fairy godmother gave me total confidence and zapped all my body hang-ups, would I wear this?" Or, "if I moved to a new city and had the chance to completely reinvent myself, would I wear this?"


Apply to any new creative endeavour, when breaking new personal ground.


ch. 5, under Create your own rules: Building a fit and fabric guide

You already know I am not a fan of fashion rules ... But I do believe rules can be helpful--as long as you set them yourself.


rules can be helpful as long as you set them yourself is such a vibe for my theories on how I experience and how I want others to experience play.