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Close reading / In Search of Mystery
July 12, 2024, 10:14:37 PM
Regarding pixeladay's
"In Search of Mystery"
[AB] I need to get a handle on this...

I spent some time today wrangling, struggling, with
making music. Making visual memories. Constructing
loose textual narratives. There's a problem, which is
that games are a form. Some emotions will be less
Active Projects / THROUGH TO JULY 31ST
July 04, 2024, 04:03:01 PM
Design, implement, and produce an entire videogame by the end of this month... do it sanely.

1. Post builds as frequently as possible; the public energy is necessary for you.
2. Skateboard first, not car. See 1.
3. Use the [AB] framework. The entire game is one effortless movement.
4. Draw from real experiences. Don't fall into genrefucking.
5. Remember Steam deadlines. Plan every day.
6. Reminder you are a creative being; set yourself up to get in the right mindset each day; see 4.

Reply guy droqen / cohost @ hist
July 04, 2024, 07:23:58 AM
Quote from: meperhaps i have a hard time getting into the 'heaps' because i find myself habitually falling back into the "big commitment" mindset that you have identified, as much as i seek to escape it. and -- if i find myself falling back into that mindset, is it right to expend such energy resisting it?  i believe these small games to be 'better' and more interesting for many reasons, both for players and for developers.  so i keep on trying."
I know many people and I like to talk with them about things, but each person offers a different tenor of sounding board. I am tempted to make a catalogue for people and what we've done before, but it should be simpler than that... i ought to Dreyfus it: if I take a moment to judge a candidate playtester, I will know whether I feel good or bad about it. About them playtesting, that is.
[ A. Some problems can be difficult or even seemingly impossible to solve well. What's to be done when good solutions seem unattainable and bad solutions aren't acceptable?

  B. Change the problem. ]
Reply guy droqen / hanging out
June 26, 2024, 07:12:08 AM
Martin Pichlmair cares about this and writes, so I will read and think.

[AB]. There are two [AB]s going on... One, what is Pichlmair writing? Two, what do I think?

Active Projects / droqever comment system
June 22, 2024, 03:32:54 PM

quick notes
to do after B - droqever browse catalogue
to do someday - bring back old droqever catalogue
to do someday - support droqever blog posts
[ A. Often, I am tempted to solve a problem in the general case. The fantasy is that when a specific interaction appears, it is already solved ahead of time, and perhaps even some unforeseen solutions will arise and surprise me, the developer!

  B. Resist this temptation. Wait until the moment the unimplemented interaction is needed, then solve it. It feels better to solve the problem in the specific case as it arises. The solution is more beautiful because you have better knowledge of the problem space. If you solve it ahead of time, you rob yourself of future joy and grace. ]
[ A. Diving into the creative act can produce wild, sprawling, untame, unsatisfying results that go nowhere fast. How can I think with creative freedom without planning or structuring too much?

  B. Before any creative act or analysis, first write the four characters "[AB]". Do not plan how, but know that you are creating one smooth motion between two points. "A," and "B." Communicate this [AB] in more detail (e.g. as seen here) only when, how, and if it facilitates an actual personal understanding. ]
Primordial soup / THEME
June 21, 2024, 08:08:45 PM