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Quote from: p.61-62Given a choice between "having fun" and doing just about anything else, the responsible actor would choose the anything else. On the other hand, we are obsessed with imbuing [the anything else] with fun.[..]

We want it both ways: to reject fun as distraction, as vice, as sloth, as insignificace, and yet also to embrace fun as a universal motivator to action.[..]

We think games are powerful because they deliver fun, and we think we want fun in everything [..] Except, we're also terrified of games, which we see as compulsive and prurient wastes of time.
Nope, keep it simple. Grinding.
A scenario that you can hold fully in your head very easily, and run over and over mentally in order to arrive at the solution.
Idle Failure game. You set something in motion and then step away from the game. Go do something else for a while.
Oh, I guess you can watch, but it won't do anything... maybe you can gather information about why things are failing. That's about it. But you'll be able to see it all at the end anyway.
My partner is getting into digital art (finally! lol) and she's doing Inktober this month. I thought I'd join her, since I'm feeling a bit lost and would love nothing more than an excuse to not finish 31 'proper' games.

Day 1. Something you Love/Hate

This immediately made me think of the pleasure of grinding to unlock things, and this reddit post I saved a long time ago called "Looking For Game With Slow-Paced Combat And Depth". That'll be how I interpret today's theme.

QuoteRecently I've been looking through a number of games I never tried and I remembered like a decade ago I played some Asian MMO where it literally took 1-5 minutes of pretty idle combat to kill one normal mob, you lost exp on death and just a single level of like 150 levels could easily take a full day. I loved that.

Pretty sure that particular game is dead by now, but it would be nice if I could find some new game that meets some of the following points:


  • you don't need to pay a lot of attention, the less inputs per minute the better (full auto-combat or no combat at all is fine too, if there's more depth to the game in other parts)
  • preferably no keyboard input needed during normal grinds
  • it can be more demanding during special boss or pvp fights, just not the majority of time

General Gameplay

  • grind-heavy
  • either a very, very long way to max level (at the very least like 300+ hrs) or some good endgame content with a lot of character progression
  • depth to the game (I like to theory craft strategies while playing, always thinking what the most optimal next steps are, looking through menus and stats, looking at a wiki - I don't want to feel rushed or like I am not playing efficient while doing so)
  • rare loot even from non-raid like content
  • rare items and collectibles
  • no real money only advantages or at least purchasable with in-game currency as well
  • don't care too much about dungeon / raid content right now, but I wouldn't mind of course
  • no resource management system / base upgrade as the main focus

Story, Setting and Other Things

  • story not important to me (skippable cut scenes and quest texts are nice)
  • any graphics are fine, it could be 3d with newest graphics, 2d or fully text-based
  • it's available for PC (and not just some bad mobile port)
  • free demo up to a certain level or f2p
  • if you know a fitting single player RPG or Adventure that takes more than a week to complete I might be interested too (obviously doesn't need to be f2p)
Some games that I recently played are WoW, OSRS and a number of rather short incremental games. While OSRS is quite close to something I would like to play right now, it just requires too many clicks when you're trying to be efficient.

The last few days I did enjoy playing Megami Quest 2 a lot, but at some point there's just very little content left after you started to fully min-max it. I also tried some idle games, but all of them are missing a lot of depth to them.

I'm looking forward to any suggestions, keep in mind not all of those points need to be met as long as the game offers a lot of content and depth (grinding for weeks as content is fine for me, if it's rewarding) and has a rather passive combat system.

edit: Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I am currently looking into classic FFXI a bit more. My biggest complaint from my first impression are the weird console-style menus, but it gives me a lot of nostalgia. Trying my Xbox1 controller instead of mouse/keyboard next, first minutes felt a lot better already. Not sure yet if I'll stick to it FFXI though. Still open to more recommendations.

Quick summary of suggested games in no particular order:

Ragnarok Online
TwelveSky 2
WoW Classic
Who does an army listen to? I'm reading Shadow Games (the 4th book in the Black Company series) and there's a situation where a General might be in a position to draft folk for an army, but there's a local religion to whose Priests these folk are loyal.

I'm think about forum mafia, and how things can swing depending on who's mafia and who's not. What about depending on who really has the hearts of the people? It's something you might not know until it's tested, and the test might cost you dearly. (I.e. the General says "to battle!" And the Priest says "mutiny!")

Mafia writ large. An army a thousand strong, each conscript playing a game of localized mafia.
Focus and ADHD / Multiple projects? One project? Huh???
September 30, 2021, 09:04:04 PM
How do I stay focused on one project? How do I know what project is worth focusing on? This is a major issue and I don't yet have a solution. Maybe ADHD meds are the solution! I've never tried to get 'em. It feels like giving up. Shouldn't I be able to figure out the brain I've got? It's scary to think about giving up on that fight.
Ego and Emotion / Forum mafia
September 30, 2021, 09:02:42 PM
I've been playing forum mafia and every game I find myself rubbing uncomfortably up against my ego, as well as some paranoid tendencies.

It's fascinating and I love playing this game for this reason: it lets me go hard and examine myself in a safe space.

In the most recent game a player was going at me hard for "acting suspicious" and I reacted by suspecting them back - I theorize because I didn't want to accept that I was being suspicious / playing a bad town game. Much easier to believe that this other player was mafia, trying to cast undeserved suspicion on me!

I resolved this feeling and got back to being reasonable, but it was too late... I'd lost impartiality and ended up making the wrong decision. We lost that game. RIP.
Tenets / Re: Metagame, System, Sensation, Story
September 30, 2021, 08:46:08 PM
Change log

Changed 'Settings' to 'Metagame' (lost the SSSS alliteration. Oh well.)

Changed 'Skin' to 'Sensation' (less fun, but reads better. thanks randy!)

Change log 2

Changed them back. Flip-flopping.
Tenets / Settings, System, Skin, Story
September 30, 2021, 08:44:33 PM
Settings (or Metagame)
The player's agency to choose what part of the game they want to play, and how they want it to work.
Covers things like controls, difficulty settings, and accessibility... but also equipment, level selection, and hub worlds.

The interesting decisionspace's material. Minmaxing, optimization, economy.
One half of gamefeel.

Juice, control, feeling. Presentation. Sensation.
One half of gamefeel.
One half of narrative.

Words and memories. The stories you remember and transmit? Not the story of the game (though that may reside here). The themes, but not the emotions.
One half of narrative.
Ought I look back at deadgames and alivegames through this lens?

If I write something poetic or motivational or otherwise feel-y and someone argues the truth value of what I'm saying, is there a point in engaging beyond to state, "It's not declaring truth"?

Or ... should I only make statements that I believe are true? It seems terribly restrictive. In what contexts may I abuse the truth for effect?
Thecatamites' quote describes a dynamic - a particular experiential phenomenon. it's poetry. Reading it, you may relate or you may not. What type of writing is this? Descriptive-empathetic? It's just a statement. I guess the use of the term "no-one" is strictly speaking a falsehood, but it communicates a sense of belonging, and it's casual language anyway.

Even to say "I cannot read videogame text" would be a falsehood. How does rational logic understand poetry? It can't. Poetry has already gone meta. You don't argue with poetry unless you're a great fool.
Primordial soup / (Story) Coming-of-age Gatekeeper
September 30, 2021, 05:21:08 PM
Watching Sable, I see a coming-of-age story. Sable is going to do the gliding. Seems like you get a mask? Okay. You need to get permission from the grown-ups. They see you as adult, you get to do the coming-of-age.

Makes me think: What if they never do? What does a story arc look like for a character who's denied their coming-of-age because the adults don't see them as adult?
Very vinegary, not sweet. Works as an interesting side dish, but not great. Try something else to respect the beautiful lotus root.