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Clam Chowder

Started by droqen, October 21, 2021, 09:53:54 PM

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Oct 21


The annoying part: peeling, chopping onions (3 smallish: 1 yellow, 2 red) and potatoes (like 12 lol)
The rest is really easy and satisfying, you just boil milk and dump in the clams n juice n stuff :]
(I don't do the steaming clams, I just used 2 cans of baby clams (and juice), and a whole lil bottle of clam juice.)

Bit potatoey and I didn't blend it enough for Shelley. Could do with less potato maybe? She seemed to think it was fine.

Added quite a bit of salt and some MSG. Served with bread.


Nov 17

Made the recipe again today, with Yukon gold potatoes and maybe a few less of 'em. Still turned out awesome. I blended it a little more to make it extra smooth. Made enough for a meal today & at least two days of generous leftovers. It was nice getting onions and potatoes out of the way, knowing they're the worst part.

Bit expensive. Like $10 for all the clam shit, and another $3 for the huge sweet onion I used.


feb 10, 2022
12:15 - started chopping onions
12:58 - done chopping and sweating bacon; bacon removed; all chopped stuff and 2c milk in pot
1:33 - potatoes boiled, soup blended, seasoning complete. i've been snacking on lychees & we're waiting for the bread bowls to bake :)