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Open Source & Free, but also on Steam?

Started by droqen, November 08, 2021, 12:44:12 AM

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I'm curious about Sokpop's release structure, where they release small games and

Other people seem interested in the Source for my games... I'd love to give people access to my source, genuinely. I just haven't made a habit of it.


The benefit of this structure:

Anyone who wants to support me can go buy the game on Steam, and their reviews will count!

Anyone who wants to play my games for free can play my games for free!

This is a good trade off.

I believe in NO DOORS. But is my belief strong enough? None remain who know...


"Buy it if you want to support me! Buy it on a Platform if you appreciate Platform Features!"


I'd like to follow through on the corest of core tenets:

Do I believe in this enough that I will fight & die for it? That I'll defend it to anyone? That if nobody is interested, I'll be more interested in changing the world to meet me than the other way around?

Yeah, kinda. It kinda meets those criteria.


Do I want to live in a world full of free games? Hell to the fuckin' yeah.

Do I want to support devs? Also hell yes.

Do I want to live in a world of replayable games like Cinco Paus that I love to learn and then stop playing? Also yes.



Games with complex systems that are (difficult) to learn but also (a joy) to learn. The investment they ask for is that of time and effort and thought.


Those silly little collectibles on bell tree.