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Slow-Paced Combat And Depth (MMORPGs, JRPGs, etc.)

Started by droqen, October 01, 2021, 08:27:37 AM

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QuoteRecently I've been looking through a number of games I never tried and I remembered like a decade ago I played some Asian MMO where it literally took 1-5 minutes of pretty idle combat to kill one normal mob, you lost exp on death and just a single level of like 150 levels could easily take a full day. I loved that.

Pretty sure that particular game is dead by now, but it would be nice if I could find some new game that meets some of the following points:


  • you don't need to pay a lot of attention, the less inputs per minute the better (full auto-combat or no combat at all is fine too, if there's more depth to the game in other parts)
  • preferably no keyboard input needed during normal grinds
  • it can be more demanding during special boss or pvp fights, just not the majority of time

General Gameplay

  • grind-heavy
  • either a very, very long way to max level (at the very least like 300+ hrs) or some good endgame content with a lot of character progression
  • depth to the game (I like to theory craft strategies while playing, always thinking what the most optimal next steps are, looking through menus and stats, looking at a wiki - I don't want to feel rushed or like I am not playing efficient while doing so)
  • rare loot even from non-raid like content
  • rare items and collectibles
  • no real money only advantages or at least purchasable with in-game currency as well
  • don't care too much about dungeon / raid content right now, but I wouldn't mind of course
  • no resource management system / base upgrade as the main focus

Story, Setting and Other Things

  • story not important to me (skippable cut scenes and quest texts are nice)
  • any graphics are fine, it could be 3d with newest graphics, 2d or fully text-based
  • it's available for PC (and not just some bad mobile port)
  • free demo up to a certain level or f2p
  • if you know a fitting single player RPG or Adventure that takes more than a week to complete I might be interested too (obviously doesn't need to be f2p)
Some games that I recently played are WoW, OSRS and a number of rather short incremental games. While OSRS is quite close to something I would like to play right now, it just requires too many clicks when you're trying to be efficient.

The last few days I did enjoy playing Megami Quest 2 a lot, but at some point there's just very little content left after you started to fully min-max it. I also tried some idle games, but all of them are missing a lot of depth to them.

I'm looking forward to any suggestions, keep in mind not all of those points need to be met as long as the game offers a lot of content and depth (grinding for weeks as content is fine for me, if it's rewarding) and has a rather passive combat system.

edit: Thanks for all the suggestions so far, I am currently looking into classic FFXI a bit more. My biggest complaint from my first impression are the weird console-style menus, but it gives me a lot of nostalgia. Trying my Xbox1 controller instead of mouse/keyboard next, first minutes felt a lot better already. Not sure yet if I'll stick to it FFXI though. Still open to more recommendations.

Quick summary of suggested games in no particular order:

Ragnarok Online
TwelveSky 2
WoW Classic