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Do It Immediately, or Take Concrete Action

Started by droqen, November 17, 2021, 03:13:19 PM

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If I have an inkling of desire, an idea that I want to do, I do it immediately unless there's a good reason I shouldn't or can't. For example: I walked in the front door of our home and saw the messy kitchen and thought, hey, I have the energy and desire to clean the kitchen right now.

It's easy to say: Well, maybe I'll just go on the computer first, or do one of any number of other things that I could do. But this is something I know I want to get done and a minute's distraction easily turns into an hour's. I had to put away the groceries first -- I bought milk and frozen things so those had to go away ASAP. But then I did the thing I knew I could do in that moment.

Why didn't I do it earlier? I didn't want to. That's alright. Sometimes I can push myself to get things done -- and sometimes I must! -- but this habit means I get things done more often in the right moment for me, rather than doing them out of phase.

("Take Concrete Action" -- make a plan to do it with someone, set a timer, set something in motion. Make a real decision that places it at a moment in the future, not just putting it off to "when I get to it.")