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<Sheridan College Professor, Game Design (Part-time)>

Started by droqen, November 18, 2021, 02:34:25 PM

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We are looking for part-time professors to teach courses in Game Design including:

GAME11738 - Team Project: Design and Development Cycle (1 section X 4 hour class)

- Teams are going to build non-videogames and package them. Fuck that sounds cool!

GAME27748  - Game Design 4: Data and Design (1 section X 3 hour class)

- Basically, what data is useful, how do you know what data is useful, etc
- Create data models by interpreting and visualizing data with spreadsheets and diagrams (cool. cool cool cool.)

* Come up with contrived scenarios for students to whet their data whistle!
* Modify designs based on data analysis to improve gameplay
(?) What does it mean to improve gameplay? Discuss this

GAME31469 - Game Design 6: Game Design Patterns (up to 4 sections X 3 hour class)

- 'Situate design patterns within broader historical, social and cultural contexts' wow, christ
- More spreadsheets and diagrams.