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Twitter, a platform for open conversation

Started by droqen, November 08, 2021, 10:34:13 PM

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Quote from: Ramiro CorbettaThe nice thing about this space is that anyone can just join in and bring in new points. But I do think that once a conversation starts getting this long, twitter becomes the wrong platform. And voice is better.

Ramiro's response to me, and this whole branching, sprouting conversation, plus a lot of other stuff happening lately, has me believing in the power & value of open conversation anew.

The strength of the platform.


Quote from: @odditica, RE: deleting tweetsI simply don't think I have the right to deny existence of who I used to be. And not just in tweets, but in the things I make too, whatever they might be. It's okay to accept it.

Well, this sent me on a whole ponderous spiral.

Partly because I used to think this way - a tweet, the description on droqen.com, a bio for a magazine or whatever, these all had to express my whole self in order to be honest and true! Really I'm not trying to convince odditica about anything as much as I am thinking aloud in a way that I suppose they are going to respond to, which will in turn give me more to think about.

But now it's just a tool for open conversation. Bios are just tools for putting myself into people's heads. Expressions of the self are expressions of self, not the self itself.

I'll have to write a little more about this, but I'm much more comfortable using Twitter now thinking about it as a place to talk than a place to, like, honestly express my whole self as if that's my responsibility. Or anyone's.