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Les Canardises (food grass ooak)

Started by droqen, December 11, 2021, 12:49:45 AM

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Mousse - would not get it again

*took Shelley 4-5 days to eat it all, very filling
*it was nice, smooth texture


Rillettes - would not get it again

*like more fibrous spam
*nice, but not worth the expense


Terrine - "I like it"
"I like it a lot"
"It just tastes like a meatlof, not so rich, I don't feel like I'll get fat"
"It's like a fancy, elevated spam."
"I enjoy the texture of this more than the foie gras"


Terrine - pink peppercorn - Shelley doesn't like. Crunchy bits, why so peppercorn? No