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re: Games are a mix of: RPS, Puzzle, Random

Started by droqen, September 21, 2021, 08:02:32 AM

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Quote from: The Monstre King1) RPS - you make a choice, opponent makes another choice. To make a good game, you have to give different weighs to the choices (and usually have multiple choices at the same time). this only takes into account other players
2) Puzzle - every interaction with an AI is either a puzzle or the next one - figure out what works here, what you have to do, what's the pattern etc. a simulation of 1) in many cases
3) Random - unpredictable by any player. while my quote is very cruel to randomness, i'm generally fine with random-but-balanced SITUATIONS for pvp (a symmetrical procgen level), a bit less difficult with the "-but-balanced" part for PVE

Quote from: droqenso these are the rules of all the ways that someone's relationship to winning/losing exists?

1) RPS - predicting another human to win
2) Puzzle - solving for a systemic solution to win
3) Random - hoping the numbers give you the win


This is a way of looking at games through the lens of "what is randomness?"

I can relate to it, but where do we go from here? What use is it to stratify paths to victory into these three categories? For the most part, I abandoned thinking about this when I stopped worrying so much about winning individual games. Hmm.