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Sublime MDA, evoke something whole.

Started by droqen, January 06, 2022, 09:09:03 PM

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I want games with impossibly beautiful form and content:

Game design finely crafted, comfortable, elegant.

Don't tell me one concrete thing; fill my head up with a whole formless orchestra of the whole idea you want to convey.

The Chorus of Imagination, A Pattern

The pattern captures all solutions to a problem; I want art that evokes the space of all relevant ideas to what is being expressed.

The best example that I can come up with right now is that if I am writing a story about love, to specify the hair colour of one of the lovers detracts from the choral fullness... it is a fundamentally unnecessary detail that makes the work more concrete, but less whole.


Good Game Design

In all spaces where the orchestra does not care, I may still fill in the gaps with 'good game design'. This is good, because concrete art is easier to appreciate. But what is to be done when the two ideals are in conflict? And, some spaces still remain undefined - what's to be done? Leave those spaces empty?