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Starseed Pilgrim - an emotional game

Started by droqen, January 16, 2022, 11:24:04 AM

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Unlike most of my other games Starseed Pilgrim was quite emotional... resonant poetry for people who still love playing with systems?

I've been moving away from thinking about literal representations of things, but what if I've been thinking about representing the wrong things? For example, in Oath, I've been thinking about how Favour is not just a game mechanic, it represents a facet of the world -- the shifting favour of the inhabitants of the world of Oath, as well as your relationship(s) to them.

But, Starseed Pilgrim was much more about an emotional experience, a state of ruminating. It was about thought and feeling and cognition. See front step to tianjin - it's much more about a state of mind; it doesn't dwell on the literal existence of where I am or where I'm not; it just touches on those things briefly.

I can talk about states of mind.


I can talk about states of mind much more easily than other things, in fact. It's the air I breathe (isn't that true for everyone, though?) and the rest is just . . . distraction. Hmm.

I have to remember to thank Gereon for telling me what it meant.