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the game designer project.

Started by droqen, March 23, 2022, 10:41:07 PM

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I've fallen out of touch with the idea of having an audience. If I was trying to make money from sharing knowledge, I would care about having an audience, but where I'm at now, I have a job I really love (to my great surprise!), and now I want to figure out how to spend some of my remaining spare time on meaningful projects.

I'm not worried about sharing something great with the internet at large. I'm much more interested in having a noticeable impact on a few close friends and peers. So. How do I take steps forward in terms of my game design practice and within my circles?


I have made a lot of games, and somehow a lot of cool visibility has been heaped upon me! Lots of people have asked me lots of questions about how I design games, and for the significant part of a decade I have been content to answer. But how is game design knowledge best shared? I still don't really know; the ability to design is obviously not bound into one genre at a time; the hub world in Cruel World used certain principles which could be applied to a third-person adventure game.


The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language are a pair of books about architecture. In particular the first, TTWoB, is about process and structuring knowledge. 'Patterns.'


There is something here - a process of collecting processes, not of any particular process but of all of them, as many as possible.

One gains experiences over time, and there is a turning point when learning to organize and access one's own experiences becomes more worthwhile than learning to organize and access those of others.