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The problem with the internet (content creators)

Started by droqen, April 03, 2022, 08:10:34 AM

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QuoteA lot of [..] people assume that when they get the audience size that they'll be able to experiment and make the creative work that they actually wanted to make. But[..]

1. experimentation is now a risk to their core asset

2. they have now trained their creativity to suit an algorithm


Quote1000 true fans

oh no, i've heard this before


i am extremely happy that i'm not thinking about any of this anymore. what did i expect, really?

i watched a third of this video in bed, then the rest a while later.


Quote from: (earlier in the video than the above)these algorithms reward art that seeks & holds attention


our video speaker never really comes back to combat this, but it's the thing that made me continue watching the video - isn't this "the problem with the internet that no one is talking about"? or rather, the problem with being an artist on the internet - the transformative force which converts artists into those content creators if they want to be successful


at the end of the video, he makes some predictions.

Quoteprediction I. exhausting content schedules will decline in relevance [e.g. people won't make videos once a day, they'll make more like two a month]
prediction II. community based platforms will continue to rise [for example discord]
prediction III. 'going viral' strategy isn't going anywhere
prediction IV. social apps to promote content that doesn't look 'typically viral' in order to stay fresh
prediction V. taking breaks will become normalised

i think the thing i don't like about this video is that the conclusion he draws comes from '1000 true fans' which i'm somehow opposed to. when i hear about 1000 true fans, it doesn't sound like a healthy, desirable relationship to me.


he may be right about these predictions - as '''content creators''' become exhausted themselves with creating daily content, they move to attempting to build their little buckets of fans who will accept them taking breaks, who will join their communities on community based platforms, who will persist long enough to support slower content schedules.

but i'm just not interested in content; i'm interested in timeless art.


struthless' video is entitled "The problem with the internet that no one is talking about" but the only aspect of the internet that is discussed is platforms, so it's really "The problem with social media platforms that no one is talking about"

people are good at getting themselves into these bubbles where they think the ecosystem that surrounds them is representative of more than it really is.

the problem with social media platforms is that people on it think that's the most important thing on the internet

the problem with the internet is that people on it think that's the most important thing about reality



Quotethese algorithms reward [whatever] seeks & holds attention

i no longer value this.

these platforms are built on a foundation i don't need or want in my life these days and participating in them no longer makes sense.

who can say whether this is because they changed or because i did?

regardless, learning this means that i'm done with this type of space. thanks for all the fish.



I really have to think more sometime on the nature of 'process is content'; in short, though, I think I hate it. But maybe that's just because of the whole "seek & hold attention" thing - leveraging anything as "content"?