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breaking games, not making games for people who like breaking games

Started by droqen, February 08, 2022, 10:19:12 PM

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Quote from: @droqenbreaking games as a player and as a designer.
breaking them from both sides.

full quote:

Quotei enjoy doing things that should not be doable
maybe that's the other side of breaking the horizon
as a player you do something that seems unintended...
as a designer i've thought to recapture it i ought to create the illusion of intent, for a player to break through, but it's not quite a perfect symmetry. having just experienced an 'impossible system breakage' experience as a player, i enjoyed knowing that the lack of intent was legitimate, but it's impossible to explicitly design that kind of thing.

with starseed pilgrim i guess there is a similar sort of feeling, but from the designer's standpoint. the player doesn't get to experience "doing the impossible against the designer's expectations" but it makes sense that as a designer i wanted the game to make possible something impossible, against the player's expectations...

i was never designing that part of the game for myself to play, i was just designing to satisfy exactly this same part of me that enjoys breaking games. oh, boy. does this all make sense? it was all very stream-of-consciousness.

breaking games as a player and as a designer.
breaking them from both sides.


and not making broken games, or breakable games. i want to do the breaking. i'm selfish that way.

(i'm sure the game will be fragile in its own beautiful ways all on its own.)