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Contexts for clothing both local and ‘global’

Started by droqen, April 19, 2023, 05:22:11 PM

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I've had this thought before.

Wearing clothing (as well as accessories, etc) is a deeply contextual act, clothing being always worn on a particular body, almost always part of an outfit (i.e., worn with other things), generally worn in a physical location.


Games are isolated, not bleeding into one another. Here is another place where the metaverse and NFT fantasy, if of course not the reality, makes sense. In some interconnected context, we might see games and game design in overlap, magic circles not so starkly defined. I like the messiness of fashion, the moddability, the overlap, the context, the physicality. I want to see my art style as so much a part of the world, but I will not fool myself into believing a fantasy version of it—this falls only into another version of the trap of insularity.

The art form must be curatable by its end users, mixable and remixable in every context, not sealed in a box that relies on expensive cultural buy-in.



That's the thing about a fashion show that is hard to find in games, or that feels like is not the focus, at least not in my mind... everything is too expensive, too precious; a show should give me pieces that I'm excited and inspired to exploit and recontextualize for my own purposes!

A large part of this is something which can be found in my practice, not in the industry. That is fine. There's nothing here in my passion about this topic which says I must only be hoping for a transformation from without.

But what is the practice that uses the worlds in this way which aligns in any way with a tangible, sustainable relationship to the world? 'The' industry is perhaps one relationship or set of such relationships.

I'd like to read Keogh's new book.