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Grandma's Pastry

Started by droqen, May 08, 2022, 03:56:53 PM

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Mix with fork:
  • 5 1/2 cup flour (pastry)
  • 1 tble br sugar
  • shake or 2 of salt
  • 1 tsp b powder

Cut in: (then add to rest)
  • 2 cups lard

Mix well and add milk to make 1 cup: (then add to rest)
  • Put egg in cup
  • Tble of lemon juice (sub vinegar is fine, but smells bad)


- Use more salt (I used something like 1 1/2 pinches - terribly precise, I know)
- Brown sugar clumps, regular sugar is OK
- Made it once with skim milk powder instead of whole milk. It was much more dry. Not sure if that was the fault of the powder, or the skim. (Perhaps both?)
- Don't make it so wet that it sticks when rolling


Oops, I forgot the temperature.
Grandma's recipe says bake 10minutes at 425F, then 10minutes at 350F
But she says it's fine to just do 20minutes at somewhere in the middle. (I did 380F and it turned out fine.)

This full amount makes enough for a full batch of this chicken pot pie recipe.


Notes after 2nd make:
- Lay down a dusting of flour before rolling pastry dough out on counter.
- Using the specified dry/wet ingredients, but with skim milk from powder rather than whole milk, it is still too wet.


Quote from: ShelleyI think the last time we made a chicken pot pie that was really successful, it wasn't your grandma's recipe. It was one that involved ice water.

^ Try a different recipe next time, maybe.