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Started by droqen, May 23, 2022, 01:38:38 PM

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stairs, alleyways, and birds.
long shadows in a dead city.
beautiful playable systems.


What does it mean to have a human brain?

I act on impulse most of the time, and otherwise do what I can to design a life that rewards my impulses with beautiful outcomes. I think designing games is like that: designing little spaces that reward my avatar's impulses with beautiful outcomes. Only, when I make a game I can share the experience with you; you can inhabit the same space, embody the same avatar, perhaps act on the same impulses, and - if serendipity allows - behold the same beautiful outcomes.

Through making and playing with games and other art, I hope to come to some deeper understanding of not the science of my brain, but the experience and meaning of being some specific person.

~ linked from Handmade Pixels