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Generation Dread

Started by droqen, June 22, 2022, 01:04:45 PM

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regarding this book i found in the bookstore


chapter 8, "the world has already ended"

p180 "the ancient Greek philosopher Plato[..] said that humans are the only beings capable of reason and intellect. This made them superior to all other beings in his mind. Superiority breeds disconnection, by setting one apart. This is where our loneliness[..] may have got off the ground.

p181 "[Descartes'] famous line "cogito ergo sum" permeated Western culture, and as it did, it gave people permission to rank agency on the world in terms of rationality, everywhere they looked.

p181 "[Francis Bacon] understood humans to be better than all other earthly creatures. He also believed that empiricism is the only way to get at true knowledge, and popularized the idea that if something can't be measured, then it must not exist. [..] The reign of empiricism led to the belief that aspects of the world we could not feel with our five senses or scrutinize with our science had no value.

p182 "" Scientific methods " were also used to uphold racist ideology as empirical truth.


p177 "" Does it makes sense to think that we can drill for oil a mile below the surface of the sea and control that? [..] The more and more desperate we become in trying to dominate the planet, the more dangerous these things become." [..] Accepting human beings' lack of control [..] does not equate to surrender or imply that we should not use technology, stop our activism[..] It means we should do all these things with both eyes open

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