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Started by droqen, July 22, 2022, 09:07:13 AM

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I want a browser extension that blocks all forms of algorithmic discovery so that when I discover things it is because I heard about it "on the grapevine" rather than enabling the sort of interconnected eternal click-click-click that the hyperlink-enabled web has created and which infinitely-scrolling websites such as Twitter and Facebook (i.e. most or all social media) have leaned harder into.


I'm currently using Requestly to inject this nightmarishly inefficient script into all twitter pages:

  switch (window.location.href) {
    case "https://twitter.com/explore":
    case "https://twitter.com/home": window.location.href = "https://newforum.droqen.com/index.php?topic=294.0";
}, 1)