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simplistic art, elegant art

Started by droqen, August 25, 2022, 11:14:47 PM

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i got into the habit of layering sounds on top of sounds on top of sounds in Musagi and, lately, Bitwig Studio. kicks on top of leads on top of a bass on top of snares on top of a hi-hat etc. but . . . then i started playing the Great Fairy's Fountain theme from memory (read: poorly) and it was beautifully simple.

when i think about my favourite music, it's often the work of Kashiwa Daisuke that comes to mind, but i think my real answer would be Geothermal from Cave Story - but played on piano, which is a total impossibility according to the sheet music i tried using. it needed three hands. but there was a beautiful, resonant depth to the parts that i could play.

(here is a bad version of it - bad as in missing some of the lower notes, an unforgivable redaction)

i thought about the iconic 'Zelda's Secret Sound', and how that could be played and recognized with one instrument.

why was i adding a drum beat?

~ linked from The Nature of Order Book 2, on SIMPLICITY and PERFECTION


one can make a perfectly lovely tune with one instrument that plays exactly one note at a time... shouldn't that be enough? long silences, single notes, smooth transitions - or sharp, hard ones. who even needs chords in order to express something powerful?