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The Best Interface Is No Interface

Started by droqen, August 12, 2022, 12:35:51 PM

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re golden krishna's
"the best interface is no interface "

*i took one picture which i don't have the time to transcribe right now. read while sick and not taking notes.


I'm going to read this book a second time!


Some of what Ellis Hamburger discusses in the Foreword is very immediately relevant to my thoughts on 'transcending form'...
QuoteThe point isn't to remove the ring, or to make photos disappear after they've been seen. The point is to understand how we use communication products . . .

. . . The key is forgetting what we've learned about interfaces, and using our instincts (instead of hot trends like "ephemerality") as guides.


The Best Form Is No Form

I don't actually believe this, but... well... I'll be back after processing these thoughts.