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2022 books

Started by droqen, December 29, 2022, 12:21:12 PM

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Agency As Art (C. Thi Nguyen) - Entirely rejected this book after the first 19 pages.
* Ficciones (Jorge Luis Borges) - Read a selection of the short stories. Loved them.
* The One-Straw Revolution (Masanobu Fukuoka)
* Drowning Practice (Mike Meginnis)
Blink (Malcolm Gladwell) - Given by a friend. Didn't finish. Interesting, but not timeless or deeply relevant to me.
* Bird By Bird (Anne Lamott)
* The Best Interface Is No Interface (Golden Krishna)
The Hacking of the American Mind (Robert H. Lustig)
* The Dispossessed (Ursula K. Le Guin)
* Mutual Aid (Dean Spade)
Bored And Brilliant (Manoush Zomorodi)
The Grasshopper (Bernard Suits)
The Well-Played Game (Bernie DeKoven)
* Monopoly Rules (Milind M. Lele)
Emergence (Steven Johnson)
Dior By Dior (Christian Dior) - Still in progress, might not finish
* Ugly Feelings (Sianne Ngai) - Still in progress
* The Nature of Order (Christopher Alexander) - Still in progress
The Idea of the World (Bernardo Kastrup) - Opened up an interesting new line of thinking to me, but the logic is regrettable. Fiction.

For curiousity's sake I wanted to use my forum to count up all the books I read this year, or skimmed/started to any significant degree. Lists are fun, but I don't know whether making this list increases or diminishes my excitement at having read them. To reduce them to a number like "18". In making this list I've dismissed multiple essays, but also worth noting is that some impactful and interesting essays that generally didn't make the cut also weren't as memorable as entire books, even ones that were less impactful. For example, I included "Blink" although it was a book I only got a few chapters into and drew few real insights from, and excluded "Video Games and the Technological Sublime" although it related directly to my field of creative work, likely gave me some powerful new insights and tools, and directed me, ultimately, to "Ugly Feelings," one of my favourite reads of this year (though I have not yet finished it).

~ Lists

I have some theories as to why, but I'll post those in another forum at some point (and hopefully remember to ping back here when I do).


I placed a "*" next to my favourites, but as it turns out, I have too many. I may do a ranking.