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Because it's accessible from everywhere, and I can trust it to never change.

Started by droqen, December 29, 2022, 12:51:51 PM

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One of the benefits I return to often is that I can access this forum from my computer, my phone, my tablet, even from someone else's computer. It's better than a local notepad file that way because it's in some way "always with me."

And, it's not like a social media platform that might impose changes or restrictions on me for outside reasons. This website will never start advertising to me, never start showing me numbers I don't want to see, never do any of that shit. There are other platforms that I'm dabbling with (mastodon, cohost), but ultimately these relationships are unequal, impersonal. I don't have a person-to-person relationship with them and perhaps don't trust anymore that I (or anyone) ever can or will, with a body that large. They will do what's best for them -- and for other people on them -- rather than what's best for me.

I can trust that this forum will always have my best interests in mind as long as I do.