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Whole systems, patterns. Not pieces, mechanisms, reasons.

Started by droqen, January 03, 2023, 02:43:49 AM

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Why is the sky blue?

When I was a kid I remember asking my dad this question, and he explained it to me: the sky is blue because sunlight passing through the atmosphere is refracted. But is that really why?


It is why, I suppose; I will avoid falling into the ontological trap of questioning what it is to be blue; my stance is more on the philosophical scope of epistemology in general: why ask why? I asked "why is the sky blue?" and received a bit of mechanistic trivia. "Why" is so simple; we have a single word that allows us to ask for an explanation of phenomenon. The sky is blue. I know this. What is the next piece of knowledge that I need, in order to move in a more useful direction, a better direction. The sky is blue: what do I think of the blue sky?; how is the sky?; who is the sky? which sky is my favourite?