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Don Potts Sculpture Lecture at MIU (1981) 1 of 2

Started by droqen, January 24, 2023, 03:01:23 PM

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Watched this long ago, thinking about it now because of The Nature of Order Book Two, in particular the chapter "DEEP FEELING". Will write up some quotes soon I think.

~See The Nature of Order: Book 2, chapter fourteen, DEEP FEELING


Don Potts speaks quite a lot about consciousness and conscious and unconscious thought in these first minutes. He says that an artist 'would love' to perceive the source of thoughts, the deep unconscious, directly. I like the thought that this is some commonality between artists --- that all artists are so interested in thought, that artists are defined by this interest in perceiving the self, the deep self.


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Quote from: 3:51And . . . because this surface is sort of wavy, sometimes, something very sweet*, something so lovely, will sort of express itself, something very sweet because it's purer than the thoughts one normally picks up because it's a little bit subtler than that. You know, because the wave drops down, and you can taste this real sweet thing, and you'd like to have your hands on it.

*It's cute, this moment. Potts smiles happily when he says "something very sweet, something so lovely", and looks delicately overwhelmed with joy. The way he looks in this moment makes me so happy.