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Play feeling #2 - Alleys. Doors and doorways. Mysterious corridors.

Started by droqen, February 01, 2023, 10:13:53 AM

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Do I like alleys for a play-feeling that is similar to what I get from stairs[1]?

Looking down an alley (or any of the other given shapes in the title, but frequently alleys -- both blocked and unblocked)
Where does it go?
Mysterious portals that show other places: What is that other place?
Entering alleys: The space is different, it feels different.
Committing to going down an alley.
The narrowness.
The wideness.

Seeing branches in the alley, further down.
Arriving at branches in the alley. What's down them?

Dead ends.
Apparent dead ends.
Turning back.

[1] ~ See also #1 - Stairs