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Play feeling #3 - Tour of my home

Started by droqen, February 04, 2023, 11:16:18 AM

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Recently Zeigfreid took me on a tour of his private Minecraft server and it was very nice and pleasant.
Mark took me on a tour of a little game he was working on with and for his son and it was also great.
In both cases . . . this was a person taking me on a tour of place they themselves had participated in the building of with and/or for a person or people close to them.

Initially the title of this play feeling was 'Tour guide,' but from these two examples it is obviously more than that. This is a tour of a place of familiarity. I enjoy being taken on these tours, and I enjoy giving these tours. In its simplest form I believe the idea of a tour of one's own actual home is quite common. A friend from school visits and you show them your room. You go over to someone's home and they show you around a little.

Relies on a feeling of pride/ownership/joy
Entering a space that is unfamiliar
Making the unfamiliar familiar
Choosing a linear series of points to visit (Traveling Salesman problem?) by intuition

Game idea - perhaps a game where you take an artificial visitor (an NPC) on a tour, and you have to show them things that they like and will find useful so they don't get bored? Maybe they don't know about anything you don't show them and it's a Dwarf Fortress style simulation - you forget to show them where food is and they start to get very hungry, they come find you to show them where food is - hmm

Asking questions
Answering questions
Missing details