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Measuring imprecisely but accurately by feeling.

Started by droqen, February 17, 2023, 09:30:50 PM

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The Nature of Order discusses this regarding LIFE. It's something that can be measured but not quantifiably. Felt but not measured.
~ (no link)

My attempt to describe this same concept of the human judgement of life in a letterclub, LIVING games. It's better to have an accurate vague measurement (feeling) than an inaccurate precise one (quantifiable data).
QuoteWhat exactly is the feeling? What does it mean to feel this feeling? What is felt when we feel aliveness in something?
~ https://letterclub.games/2023/01/13/living-games/

QuotePay Attention to What Is Important, Not Just What Is Quantifiable
. . . Don't be stopped by the "if you can't define it and measure it, I don't have to pay attention to it" ploy.
~ http://newforum.droqen.com/index.php?msg=2112
QuoteAim to enhance total systems properties, such as growth, ability, diversity, resilience, and sustainability---whether they are easily measured or not.
~ http://newforum.droqen.com/index.php?msg=2115
QuoteThey just have to bring themselves to believe that which they know.
~ http://newforum.droqen.com/index.php?msg=2116