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Started by droqen, February 20, 2023, 12:07:23 PM

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In Get Over Yourself, McWilliams says: ~ "If you do it right, everybody likes the same stuff in games. They want an immersive experience that makes them feel like they did something special and they're unique and special and they develop skill while doing it."

-an immersive experience
-do something special
-feel that you're unique and special
-you develop skill while doing it

I felt a dissatisfaction with this short list, though I recognize it certainly has an appeal. The important thing is that when I think about processes that bring me joy in design, an 'immersive you're-so-special you're-improving' feeling isn't what I like to think about.


~ Art is Life-Changing, and that's not an obsession with the end result, there's something in there that is what I like about design at all. My favourite thing to design, to think about designing, is how to help someone (finally) understand something huge and overwhelming. Although I prefer when it's about a 'real' thing that's the feeling I'm targeting, because it's the thing I think about most myself -- those moments in life when I look back at an experience and think, "This changed me."

Now that is the design puzzle I want to tackle.