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Feelings of Play

Started by droqen, January 31, 2023, 08:10:42 PM

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"Feelings of play.
The thought occurred to me -- what feelings are the deep feelings of a building? The feelings of a place. You think about how a place feels and then you enhance that feeling, respect it, grow out of it. So, then, the feelings (the 'correct' feelings?) which a 'living' game ought to grow out of, those are . . .
feelings of play."

~ The Nature of Order // Book Two . . . Form Language


I have a few examples of this. I will give one example for now: I have described awake as a perfect game. My most perfect game. Why? I can't say. I think part of it is the size. But other games seem more flawless . . . the thing is, awake was designed out of a very specific feeling of a sort of play.