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momin's games

Started by droqen, May 25, 2023, 10:03:59 PM

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Hello momin! At some point in the future I will probably send you this forum thread. At that point, I hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts which I have not yet written at the time I'm writing this text now :)
love, droqen


p.s. forgive me for quoting you without your permission, but i thought it would be nice to place these games in the context of your own words about them! brief as they were.

Quotehttps://foolmoron.itch.io/the-cloister - geometric puzzler
https://foolmoron.itch.io/type-traveler - much better godot game, rhythm arcadey
https://foolmoron.itch.io/press-space-to-jump-the-gap - mystery
https://foolmoron.itch.io/the-tipping-point - gladwellcore
https://foolmoron.itch.io/the-consumer - abstract arcadey


MAY 25 - Type Traveler (https://foolmoron.itch.io/type-traveler)

This is a pretty neat control scheme, I think other games try for a similar vibe of improvement of tapping just the right buttons - the game that comes to mind is Ore no Ryomi, the precursor to Cook! Serve! Delicious!

In the case of this game, I would say that it leans into increasing awkwardness rather than a feeling of really comfortable mastery, and I'm not sure I'm all about that, but it definitely does a good job along those lines! I got to five letters before dying a sad death in time.

The 'time travel with multiplier' concept is super interesting. I've never seen anything like it! I don't think it really 'fits' with the mechanic here, they seem like very separate ideas simply put together; they do serve each other of course, but I feel that the relationship between the two lacks some poetry.