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Do you play games for new game mechanics?

Started by droqen, July 07, 2023, 06:29:34 AM

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Answers to various formulations of the question:

- Yes, might be the only reason I play games, mostly because I don't have time
- Second priority after just enjoying the game.
-- In some instances to get a feel for {the movement/level design possibilities in FPS genre}
- Played a lot of RTS games [in theme x and other themes] to understand how other games do similar concepts
- Deus Ex to understand how it structures everything, it holds up
- Systems, not mechanics
- Experiences, not mechanics
- I like small choices made by the dev, things that weren't necessary to construct it and make it function, but nice things that feel like something. charm; personal touch.
- absolutely yes
- medium includes interactivity, annoying when interactivity is not being used to express (x2 or more)
- learning a new system is fun (x2 or more)
- how someone might use mechanics in an interesting way [does this mean a new way?]
- "a fan of new mechanics and also old mechanics with other things going on to make them interesting" [does this mean old mechanics paired with new mechanics?]
- (sometimes) seeking out new experiences/mechanics/etc.

- searching for comfort, not novelty
- learning new systems/mechanics is hard and i enjoy doing the same thing over and over again
- 75% of my playing games is familiarity based - looking to relax, play with friends, have fun

- when choosing what to make, it's got to have an interesting new mechanic or hook
- "i don't find a game worth making unless it tries to do SOMETHING different"
- when i am making games i am trying to make things i haven't seen before [did not specify mechanics but in context i think it is mechanics]


seeing a few patterns

- playing for familiarity/comfort fun

- making for innovation
- playing to study game mechanics/systems (imo mostly related to making)

- looking for interactive elements (mechanics, systems) doing something intentional/expressive, possibly novel

- some people enjoy learning new systems/mechanics
- some people do not enjoy learning new systems/mechanics


p.s. i love doing this. it feels like a science experiment, although formally we might say that it's more like a focus group? gathering data/opinions in order to detect and notice patterns, but especially to grasp all 'valid interpretations' of a space. it's not a % thing for me at all, at least not a precise one. i'm happy to get an idea of whether something represents 0-15% of people vs 25-75%, no need to get more specific than 'some people' 'lots of people' 'everyone'


actually it's more interesting than 'some people', it's more like . . . what is the person-trait to which these results relate? is it a universal human result, or does it depend on a certain related state . . . e.g. in what circumstances does a person like, or dislike, learning new systems? is this a permanent state for some people?

components of ECS really appeal to that side of me

'better explanations'