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Atomic Habits

Started by droqen, August 19, 2023, 09:48:43 AM

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Regarding James Clear's
"Atomic Habits"


(Who recommended this book to me?)

(Edit:: Damn, I believe it was the guy I met in line for TOTK - He shared the link to his song with me.)


I skipped straight to the end. With books like these I find it's easier to jump right to the end—if it already makes sense, then I do not need to read the rest. In this case, yeah, I'm very happy someone wrote this book, but it's 85% stuff I likely know and practice already — that said, there's probably some great stuff for me to learn too.

QuoteBehaviours are effortless here.
QuoteBehaviours are difficult here.

My guess is that a lot of this book is dedicated to techniques and examples and case studies and arguments for the efficacy of building yourself up out of habits — tweaking your tiny, "atomic," habits towards these features so that the life and the self that you want to have arise almost effortlessly. That's great.

I also suppose, from the conclusion, that there must be a bit about adjusting expectations to match reality, which I think is a big part of accepting the idea of atomic habits... You have to be okay with these tiny steps, you have to be happy and satisfied with doing small things and just have faith in them adding up to a greater future.

You have to let go of images.