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Battle Brothers

Started by droqen, August 31, 2023, 10:10:07 AM

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I do get so drawn in to these grand simulation games, but I find it so frustrating to recognize how slow this process of mastery is -- and exacerbated by the somewhat artificial pacing of grinding out resources. Does that make sense? When my fellas die, it means I have to get new fellas, I have to gather more gold to get more done, and this allocation of resources and time is just not that enjoyable.

It's compelling to gain control over a system that has control over my time. OTOH it's more empowering to reject the system into which I've opted; I take control of my time back by quitting rather than by learning how to earn my time back from the clutches of the game.


That said, I enjoyed the time I spent with Battle Brothers this morning (maybe 2 hours), and I must additionally admit that I went on to have a truly fantastic workday. Recoiling in disgust from a frustrating problem left me with a great need to accomplish something less frustrating; though the work I had to do today might have been frustrating out of context, i.e. from a neutral position, it was less frustrating than my time with Battle Brothers trying to overcome a Necromancer constantly reviving a group of low-mid-tier bandits in the forest/jungle, and I segued straight into my day's work.

The espresso may have helped but I have had unproductive coffee-fuelled days before, and I do not understand how caffeine affects me to the specificity which I understand how playing this frustrating game affected me.


Consume, consume, consume. I came back to Battle Brothers and it had this particularly frustrating shape of... not experiencing anything new. I moved on, because if I'm not enjoying re-experiencing what there is, it's not worth it.


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