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the Pikmin series of games

Started by droqen, October 26, 2023, 03:05:25 PM

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my experience with Pikmin (1) as a child was one of trepidation, fascination, resignation.

i was exposed to a breadth of emotion, both positive and negative: when my pikmin died, when i wasted time, i felt.

Lars Doucet's "Oil it or Spoil it" suggests that it is generally good to remove pain from our games:

Quoteadding "oil" is literally about smoothing off the sharp corners!

through a new lens, Question-Asking, i suppose that these sharp corners are good to experience exactly enough times to want them smoothed off.

through an old lens, Mirror of the Self, i suppose that this is because a game that contains a larger body of feeling is more alive.

pain is feeling.


my experience with Pikmin 4 as an adult is one of safe rewinds and steady progress.

numbers climbing without fear, without loss, without pain.

i do not want to dwell in pain, but a body without pain is hardly a body at all, is a cold shape, is dead already.

i would like to experience each feeling right up to the capacity i have to appreciate it.

pain is feeling.