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Making a new thing every day.

Started by droqen, October 04, 2021, 07:56:42 AM

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Gametober (Droqtober) is keeping me occupied every day. I'm working on a new little game, conceiving of one and then putting in the work to make it real. And... as much as these games are really tiny things, and feel mostly devoid of artistic value, I've found the practice of doing it every day to be extremely valuable. Who knew, right?

It's not that I know this will lead me to making a new Great Game or anything. This isn't even a 'game quality practice' thing, though I suspect game quality will increase; it's in Focus and ADHD after all.

I'm absolutely certain that I could spend my life making a game every day. This is why I'm in pursuit of this career, and it's nice to remember that! Given time, I'd like to figure out how to fit this sustainable habit (of making a new thing every day) into a process that produces more reliably good works.


The process will likely involve discarding projects. The rate of 'good output' will never reach 100%.

Do I need to be concerned with sharing 'too much' output? What do I want to share? Do I have a brand? Hu-brand-ity