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My notes from the cruise

Started by droqen, November 03, 2023, 08:01:01 AM

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Quote from: panel 3/3RE HALF-REAL:
on the cruise ship, we played
"YES OR NO", a game of
"REAL RULES". It is not an
abstract game which has
rules pertaining to some pre-
extant system; rather, it
invents a system. This system
(It, perhaps, has not "smoothly unfolded"
from the human experience?
        CHESS            ->        ???

what a terrrible panel to end on lol
the game was fun but i dunno wtf i'm on about
YES OR NO clearly does pertain to the pre-extant system of asking/answering questions, and of people accidentally saying things they didn't mean.

the rules of YES OR NO are that you have to answer questions without saying any variant of either "yes" or "no". there are a few rules in place to keep you away from boring, cheaty ways of playing; you can't answer questions the same way every time, for example, and you have to answer within X seconds


"good but too weak" - through the use of rules or any other medium, one does not create beauty or goodness, but discovers and enshrines it. traps it. grants an invisible thing visibility, by granting the appreciator line of sight to that thing. to create is to create connection.

~ SYNAPSE ~ "good but too weak" - Process for intensifying the feeling that is generated.

sketched rules, responding to actual play - rather than drawing up final rules right away, we draw up rules to allow us to play in a play-space, to see what the actual play is like. this is a difficult problem, but see "good but too weak" above; the rules of YES OR NO obviously evolved from noticing some bit of human behaviour and enshrining it, making it the center for a time.

limitations and focus - this is so deeply related to the above! in creativity, we experiment, of course. when playing, we play widely, freely, openly. a wide net catches many things, too many things. we must narrow our focus; higher focus grants us a higher ability to create pristine visibility of one thing.