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Slay the Princess (spoilers)

Started by droqen, November 18, 2023, 12:12:14 PM

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There are many lines in Slay the Princess that I find remarkably beautiful, in particular ones spoken in the... I don't know what to call it... by the shifting mound beyond the mirror before it becomes itself.


QuoteThe vessels are shaped by memories of you, but their impulses are drawn to the edge of The Long Quiet. To them you are a gate to something more, and any hurt you've caused them is understood as a fair price for freedom. But they are only thoughts and perspectives. They are not me.

The wounds they've suffered carve texture around my heart. Without them, I would be as I was before.

QuoteThere are contradictions, conflicts in my nature. And there are familiarities that bind everything together.

I'll resist the urge to capture every quote that comes to me through it, but these are the lines, the sorts of lines, that strike me as reflecting upon some deeper thing that I have been reflecting upon, too, for a long time. The plurality of human perspective, the plurality of any person, the plurality of everything of which we are no simple, singular part.