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Chocolat de Kat

Started by droqen, December 01, 2023, 06:04:01 PM

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Lump of Coal

It's dark chocolate and something like... tea... tea leaves... or coffee grounds... bitter.

Quote from: ShelleyIt's definitely tea. Barley, maybe. Rice?

I like it!

How mysterious.

I like it too! Earthy and bitter. Looking up the flavour... "Charcoal-roasted hojicha cake and black sesame caramel—you'll never look at a lump of coal the same way again."


Crème Brûlée

I don't understand this flavour. it is nice. but it is also a pretty basic caramel flavour. isn't it supposed to have a toasted/burnt, caramelized, top flavour? They didn't get that in. There was some other weird flavour...

Quote from: ShelleyAlmond. There's almond in here. Oh, I got a little crunchy bit in here like the sugar they burn when it's on top.

It should be softer, I think. Some of the others are more soft. But [this one] was not, it's kinda harder.

It tasted a bit like white chocolate. I wanted a bit of egg flavour, but there wasn't one.


Citrus olive oil cake

Quote from: ShelleyIt's not that impressive. Where's the olive oil?

The citrus was good though!


That's it! The advent calendar only had the 1st-24th. Merry Christmas!


Oops, I missed taking notes on two of them! Here they are:

Milk Choco Galaxy