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#droqtober postmortem article: *opulent games* and *invitations*.

Started by droqen, November 23, 2021, 10:41:01 AM

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I have always been interested in routine, in processes -- not just in art (as in 'creative process') but everywhere. Walking around the city, I find mundane things catch my eye as much as anything else. Who decided to put this garbage bin here, and who uses it? Does anyone ever unlock this door, and for what purpose? I want to play more games like this, games not about their systems but about the people who made those systems and the people who live in them. The thing that's very exciting about games is that the player, the person appreciating the art, is part of the art. You're living in the thing that you're called upon to appreciate.


Developing a game, I'm living in the thing too, just in a different way. OK, but bringing it back to 31 unmarked games and #droqtober - is this about what I learned from droqtober, or what helped me accomplish it in the first place? (I mean, it's both, but it helps to have a single "tense" to speak from)